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ENTD Conference at the Chamber of Deputies: Artificial Intelligence and Economic Development

Intelligenza Artificiale: efficientamento dei processi e sviluppo economico - dalle Istituzioni alle StartUp

Intelligenza Artificiale: efficientamento dei processi e sviluppo economico - dalle Istituzioni alle StartUp

Intelligenza Artificiale: efficientamento dei processi e sviluppo economico - dalle Istituzioni alle StartUp

Intelligenza Artificiale: efficientamento dei processi e sviluppo economico - dalle Istituzioni alle StartUp

ENTD - Ente Nazionale per la Trasformazione Digitale

Ente Nazionale per la Trasformazione Digitale

Conference: "Artificial Intelligence: Process Optimization and Economic Development – From Institutions to Startups," organized by ENTD

ROME, ITALY, May 17, 2024 / -- On May 24, 2024, the prestigious Sala della Regina at the Chamber of Deputies will host the conference “Artificial Intelligence: Process Optimization and Economic Development – From Institutions to Startups,” organized by the National Agency for Digital Transformation (ENTD).

Program and Speakers
The conference will feature presentations from experts and industry representatives, including:

Maria Concetta Antonica – Institutional Greetings and Introduction to the Conference
Pietro Marinelli – Predictive AI, from Forecasting to Optimization
Francesco G. Lamacchia – The Impact of AI on Educational Methodologies and Learning: The Nexar Project
Corrado Patierno – Artificial Intelligence, from Technical Aspects to Ethics
Giuseppe (Beppe) Carrella – On the Ninth Day of Creation God Said: "Let There Be AI," and It Was Good... Maybe
Marco Armoni – Neurosciences Applied to Artificial Intelligence: Cognitive and Generative Processes in Document Creation
Angelo Lazzari – AI, the Great Opportunity for SMEs
Giovanni Perillo – From Artificial Intelligence to Circular Intelligence
Antonio Cerullo – ENTD’s Ethical Commitment in the Use of New Technologies
Antonino Giannone – Ethical Issues in the Use of AI
Pasquale Aiello – Neural Voices: From Generative Modeling to Voice Cloning – The TTSAI R Project
Andrea Demozzi – Integrated SHM and WIM System Based on a Neural Network Algorithm
Artificial Intelligence and Business Processes
The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has demonstrated significant benefits in optimizing business processes. Pietro Marinelli, an expert in predictive AI, will illustrate how AI can be employed to enhance planning, resource optimization, and decision-making within organizations.

Corrado Patierno will delve into the ethical and technical aspects related to adopting AI solutions in the corporate sector, discussing the balance between operational efficiency and adherence to fundamental ethical principles.

Angelo Lazzari, President of the Anna and Marco Foundation, will highlight the opportunities AI offers to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), enabling them to automate tasks, optimize processes, and gain a competitive edge in the markets.

Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability
Professor Giovanni Perillo will explain how artificial intelligence, a rapidly evolving technology, is reshaping various sectors, including sustainability. With its ability to enhance efficiency, minimize waste, and promote innovation, AI is an essential tool for addressing environmental challenges and guiding us toward a sustainable future.

Artificial Intelligence and Education
Artificial Intelligence is significantly impacting the field of education and learning. Francesco G. Lamacchia, founder of dot Academy and leader of the Nexar project, will demonstrate how AI can be used to innovate teaching methodologies and improve the learning experiences of students.

Marco Armoni, an expert in neurosciences applied to AI, will explore the connection between human cognitive processes and generative artificial intelligence. The implications of such synergies in content and document creation will be discussed.

Pasquale Aiello, President of the National Agency for Digital Transformation and head of the TTSAI R project, will showcase advancements in generative modeling of neural voices. This technology opens up new possibilities for voice cloning, with significant applications in the fields of voice synthesis and accessibility.

Ethics and Social Responsibility of Artificial Intelligence
The widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence raises significant ethical and social responsibility issues. Giuseppe (Beppe) Carrella, Senior Partner at BCLAB and an expert in innovation and neural networks, will offer a provocative perspective on the implications of AI development, questioning the role of humans in creating these technologies.

Antonio Cerullo, responsible for the ethical commitment of ENTD, will outline the approach taken by the organization in using new technologies. Guiding principles and initiatives aimed at ensuring a responsible and sustainable adoption of Artificial Intelligence will be presented.

Antonino Giannone, an expert in Digital Humanism, will explore the main ethical issues related to the use of Artificial Intelligence from an anthropocentric viewpoint. Challenges and possible solutions for an ethical implementation of AI will be discussed.

The conference will provide an opportunity to discuss the multifaceted implications of Artificial Intelligence, from its practical applications to its ethical, social, and environmental impacts. Platforms and projects utilizing Artificial Intelligence functions will be showcased. Institutional representatives, industry experts, and entrepreneurs will have the chance to dialogue and share their perspectives, contributing to outlining a sustainable and responsible future for the adoption of AI technologies.

Practical Information
The conference will take place on May 24, 2024, at the Sala della Regina in the Chamber of Deputies in Rome, from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the event.

Please note that to access the event, attendees must wear attire appropriate to the decorum of the parliamentary institution. Specifically, men are required to wear a jacket. Minors over the age of 14 must also adhere to this dress code guideline.

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Ente Nazionale per la Trasformazione Digitale
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